A&S PCB-DFM Consultancy Ltd

Our company specialises in the design for manufacture and the design of Printed Circuit Boards with 30 year's experience in this field.


Based and registered in the UK.


We are able to offer the following services:


Review of existing design data for PCB fabrication.


Review of existing design data for Assembly.


Advice on choice of PCB materials.


Advice on PCB stack up: Multilayer, HDI, RF, Flexi through to Flexi Rigid, Metal Core, Metal Backed, Mixed Materials, Cavities.


Advice on PCB CTE.


Advice on improving the thermal performance of your designs.


Advice on RF, Digital Signal Integrity & Impedance Structures.


PCB design using in-house Mentor Graphics PADS, with either PADS Logic or DxDesigner Schematic capture.


Extensive experience using other Mentor Graphics design tools including, DA, BA, Boardstation, Xe & EE. Including all the RF tool options available in each tool.


Modification of existing PCB designs.


Design experience ranging from Commercial through to Military, from Low to High Tech and Low to High Volume.


Extensive RF PCB design experience including Mixed RF, Analogue & HDI Digital PCB’s solutions.


We are also able to call on a variety of technology specialists to help deliver your full design requirement.




A&S PCB-DFM’s Alan Walker, gave a presentation on Printed Circuit Board Design for Manufacture at the Fortronic RF & Wireless Design Forum at the Williams F1 Conference Centre.

A&S PCB-DFM’s Alan Walker, cited New Electronics in respect of Printed Circuit Board Design for Manufacture. 

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